Beneficial Ownership

Open Data Services Co-operative has been a technical partner to OpenOwnership since 2016, helping in their work to implement beneficial ownership transparency.

In this role, Open Data Services Co-operative:

  • Designs and maintains the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard, a structured way of publishing information about who owns and controls companies and other legal entities (and supports tools for publishers);

  • Builds and designs tools for implementing beneficial ownership transparency, including policy assessments, digital and paper forms and field-mapping guides;

  • Delivers in-country consultancy services, and follow-on support, on implementing beneficial ownership transparency (including sector-specific disclosures), on aspects ranging from legislation and regulation, to data collection, systems design and publication;

  • Provides light-touch support on technical and policy best practice via a Helpdesk; and,

  • Delivers talks and training at international events and feeds into advocacy materials and consultation responses on beneficial ownership transparency.

Our Beneficial Ownership team

Technical implementation:
policy, processes and data architecture

Jack Lord

Jack provides implementation support to OpenOwnership, works on the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard and makes sure the policy and technology strands of the work remain linked together.

Kadie Armstrong

Kadie contributes to the development of the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard as well as working with countries and partners to help them develop the systems they need to publish good quality data.

Simon Whitehouse

Simon provides OpenOwnership with technical support, leads on the translation work of the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard and supports the development of our data collection tools.

Software, data analysis and visualisation

Our developers contribute Python tools for working with Beneficial Ownership data as well as helping the team publish a high quality specification.

They are: James Baster, Amy Guy, Jared Parnell, David Raznick and Ben Webb.

Working with us

For support funded and backed by OpenOwnership, our technical implementation team can be contacted via OpenOwnership email addresses:,,

For other engagements around beneficial ownership, please contact us directly.