We design and build data ecosystems that deliver impact

Open Data Services plays an instrumental role supporting successful, global open data initiatives.

We offer the technical know-how, community engagement and capacity building needed to create initiatives that are collaborative, impactful and sustainable.

We help data initiatives and their networks with:

  • data strategy
  • data governance
  • data publication & access
  • standards design
  • data modelling
  • data analysis & exploration
  • developing tools & software
  • user research
  • community building

Our expertise

Strategy & governance

We work with you to understand the policy landscape you work in, create a theory of change, and deliver data strategies that help you meet and stretch your goals.

Standards design & review

We focus on creating the strong foundations that make standards useful and usable - from schema development and documentation, to publisher and user support.

Tools & software

We build the software needed to make data standards and initiatives impactful - from rapid prototypes to live services. All our tools are open source, rooted in user research and designed to scale.

Exploration & analysis

We explore what your data can do - on its own, and as part of a wider ecosystem. We build data pipelines, dashboards and visualisation tools that help people make sense of your data.

How we work

A tailored approach

We bring our experience working across a wide range of data initiatives. We meet you where you are, understand where you want to go, and use our knowledge of what works in different contexts to help you get there.

Joining the dots

We work in multidisciplinary teams to develop joined-up data ecosystems – making connections between initiatives, sharing best practices, and building bridges between communities to amplify impact.

Working in the open

We see openness as more than just a technical feature – it’s a commitment to collaboration, transparency and impact. Our work is rooted in the open data and open source movements, which means higher quality, more flexibility, and greater impact.