We help people
publish and use open data

Open Data Services Co-operative works on a broad range of projects to make open data useful, usable and in use.

We help people to solve the complex political, technical and coordination problems of creating and maintaining open data standards.

We build and support multiple global data standards that span complex policy areas – including 360Giving, International Aid Transparency Initiative, Open Contracting, Open Ownership and Open Referral.

We provide consultancy, support and software covering all areas of open data: from policy and regulation through to standard development, data publication and data use.

We enjoy working on projects that combine inclusive conversation, co-operation and practical action.

What we do

We’re experts in researching, building, maintaining and promoting open data standards so they provide meaning to people who use them

Document Research and development

We offer the technical know-how, community engagement and capacity building needed to support the development of new open data standards and make open data initiatives work effectively.

Lightbulb Analysis and implementation support

We work with policy initiatives, governments, nonprofits and companies to equip them to publish and use open data.

Cog Software development

We create reusable open source code that supports organisations to understand, publish and use open data.

Teacher Training and consultancy

We offer training, consultancy, helpdesk and advice to organisations that work with open data, and address issues of policy and organisational change.

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Our co-operative

In March 2015, Open Data Services Co-operative was founded by four freelancers who wanted to combine working in open data with an equitable business model.

We believe that open data can be a public good, and to sustain public goods we need strong foundations. The values outlined in the Worker Co-op Code – autonomy, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity – fit with the way we want to work.

Like data standards we’ve found that running a co-operative is one big user story, with our members providing feedback and testing. We think this allows us to build a working environment that puts people first, rather than focusing on our bottom line alone.

Our Team

Kadie Armstrong, James Baster, Isabel Birds, Bibiana Cristòfol, Duncan Dewhurst, Steven Flower, Amy Guy, Mollie Hanley, Jen Harris, Neelima Janardhanan, Myles Lewando, Ed Lloyd-Davies, Jack Lord, Matt Marshall, Jared Parnell, David Raznick, Rob Redpath, David Spencer, Rachel Vint, Ben Webb, Simon Whitehouse, Michael Wood and Tim Williams.

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Contact us

You can email us at contact@opendataservices.coop.