We help people
publish and use open data

We provide technologies, support, and services relating to the production, standardisation and use of open data.

We support activities that promote social impacts from open data.

We aim to make open data Useful, Usable and In Use.


Providing training, consultancy, helpdesk, and advice to:

  • Organisations building and maintaining open data standards
  • Organisations publishing open data
  • Organisations using open data

Building, developing and maintaining software that:

  • Enables organisations to publish open data
  • Enables organisations to understand the nature, volume and quality of open data
  • Enables organisations to use their own open data
  • Enables organisations to use other open data resources


As a workers co-operative we operate as a values-driven business.

We are building for the long-term: we are not controlled by shareholders seeking short-term gain.

Being a workers co-operative is also an experiment. We believe that much open data is a public good, and to sustain public goods we need strong foundations.

We believe that co-operative models are an important part of that.

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Our Team

Kadie Armstrong, James Baster, Bibiana Cristòfol, Duncan Dewhurst, Steven Flower, Amy Guy, Jack Lord, Matt Marshall, Jared Parnell, Charlie Pinder, David Raznick, Rob Redpath, David Spencer, Rachel Vint, Ben Webb, Simon Whitehouse, Michael Wood and Tim Williams.


At Open Data Services we like projects that combine innovation and engagement to deliver sustainable social impact with open data. For smaller projects, we support organisations with facilitation, workshops, development and research. For larger projects, we work in long-term partnerships, providing the technical know-how, community engagement and capacity building needed make open data initiatives work effectively. We enjoy challenges that combine inclusive conversation, co-operation and practical action.

Here are some of the projects we’ve been working on recently:

UnlockOpen Data Standards

Enabling insights, engagement and decision making with open data by developing and supporting robust open data standards.

  • We manage the global help-desk for the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) including technical infrastructure, data standard governance, and providing ongoing engagement with government, civil societies and organisations implementing Open Contracting.
  • We’re working with the World Bank Open Contracting team to develop an extension to the Open Contracting Data Standard to improve disclosure of data about Public Private Partnerships.
  • We support 360Giving, a data standard that helps grant-making organisations publish what they fund. We run the UK help-desk, working with organisations to see the opportunities in their data and to publish to the standard.

CapacityData Quality and Capacity

Building organisational capacity in to advocate for, publish and use high quality data.

LiteracyData Literacy at the local level

Assisting organisations with publishing and using open data in their communities.

  • As part of our commitment to helping organisations adopt effective data policies, we produce and maintain the template open data policy, a free resource for organisations and communities starting out or improving their open data policy.

ToolsTools and Analysis

Developing open source tools and platforms to make data easy to create, analyse and understand.

  • We’re developing a tool to transform and validate data. We call it CoVE (Convert, Validate, Explore), and use it to support a growing number of data standards.
  • We’re building up a range of tools and practices that make it easier to maintain a data standard.
  • To help publishers, data users and the public explore, visualise and ask effective questions about 360Giving data, we are developing a tool called GrantNav.
  • Working with the Natural Resource Governance Institute, we developed rapid-prototypes of a set of tools to gather information on oil, gas and mining projects across the world, providing the foundations for ResourceProjects.org.

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