Our Co-operative

Open Data Services is a worker co-operative

We’re a worker co-operative, which means we’re owned and run by the people who work here. This gives us the freedom to take a collaborative and sustainable approach that puts our values at the heart of the work we do.

Founded in 2015 by experts in open data and standards development, we’re proud to have built a brilliant team uniquely skilled in creating, delivering and supporting data initiatives.

Our team

Ava Allsworth, Kadie Armstrong, James Baster, Isabel Birds, Emma Clegg, Bibiana Cristòfol, Duncan Dewhurst, Leila Farsani, Steven Flower, Jonny Forbes, Amy Guy, Rikki Guy, Mollie Hanley, Jen Harris, Emma Howard, Kathryn Irish Neelima Janardhanan, Simon Kittle, Myles Lewando, Ed Lloyd-Davies, Jack Lord, Matt Marshall, Adrian Platt, Holly Porter, Rob Redpath, Costas Skouras, Dan Smith, Rachel Vint, Ben Webb, Simon Whitehouse, Michael Wood and Tilly Woodfield.